Junior Chamber International Sri Lanka Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards 2015

Junior Chamber International Sri Lanka which was formed in 1954, hosts their 35th JCI TOYP Award Ceremony 2015 to reward talented young individuals.

The Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka (TOYP) Program serves to formally recognize young people who excel in their chosen fields and exemplify the best attributes of the world's young people.

By recognizing these young people, JCI Sri Lanka encourages them and others to seek excellence and serve others.

Thus, JCI contributes to prepare better leaders, who will create better societies.

TOYP 2015 Nominations are now open. Any individual or organization in Sri Lanka can nominate any young Sri Lankan who aged between 18 - 40 years old with outstanding achievement or contribution in one of the following categories:


  • Business, Economic and /or entrepreneurial accomplishment.
  • Political legal and /or Public Administration.
  • Academic leadership and /or accomplishment.
  • Contribution to arts, culture, literature and/or media.
  • Moral and/or environment leadership.
  • Contribution to children, world peace and/or Human rights.
  • Humanitarian and /or voluntary service.
  • Scientific and /or Technological development.
  • Medical innovation/or Research.
  • Personal Improvement /or accomplishment.